Candidate details

Candidates are required to complete the booking forms fully and accurately and provide all necessary mandatory information to register their exams. It is the candidates’ responsibility to ensure the details provided is true and accurate. Ensure all details provided are correct and include any middle names etc. The details must match the ID used to book and present for the test.

The details provided will be used to register candidates’ exams and will appear on their certificates if they pass. Certificates cannot be amended. If changes to certificates are required then candidates must rebook their tests and pay the exam fees again. If the details provided do not match the ID then candidates will not be allowed to sit for the test and their test will be cancelled. No refund will be issued and candidates have to rebook and pay for the test again.

If there are discrepancies between the ID and Booking details then the examiners will not allow the candidate to sit for the exam, no changes can be made on the exam day, no refunds will be issued and the candidates have to rebook their test and pay the full fees again.

Test type

Candidates must choose which exam and level they are required to do. Any information or advice on our website or over the phone is a guide only to assist candidates but any information provided by LPC on our website, over the phone or in person should be verified and checked by a solicitor, Home Office or legal representative. LPC will not be held responsible if candidates do not verify and check information and book a particular test.

The final decision on which exam type and level is the candidates and candidates are strongly advised to verify this with their legal representatives.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued 5 working days before the exam is any candidates want to cancel their exams.

If a candidate wants to cancel an exam they must do so 5 working days before the exam date for a full refund in writing via email or complete a refund request form in person. Only the candidates can request a refund even if the fees were paid by relative, spouse, friend or any other representative.

Refunds will be paid by either cheque, online, refunded on the card but at the discretion of the issuing officer. Refund requests usually take 5 working days to process.

If candidates provide incorrect information which is used to book the test and the examiner does not allow the candidate to sit for the test then no refund will be issued.

If candidates forget to bring their ID on the exam day they will not be allowed to sit for the test and no refunds will be issued.

If candidates lose, misplace or for any other reason cannot bring the ID they registered their exam with even if it is not their fault their exam will sit be cancelled and no refund will be issued.

Changes to exam bookings

Candidates can change their exam date 3 working days before the exam. If for any reason candidates cannot attend on the exam date they booked they must inform LPC immediately and 3 working days before to allow changes to be made before the final candidate list is submitted to the awarding body. Candidates can change their bookings twice free of charge but on the third occasion there will be an admin charge of £45 to make the change.

Candidate details may be amended if there are any incorrections 3 working days before the exam but only if the final exam list has not been submitted to the awarding body. Requests should be made in writing.

If for any reason a candidate books and pays for an exam and postpones it and 90 days pass from the time of booking and no contact or requests are made then fees will be deducted for admin purposes and the candidate has to rebook and pay the fees again.

Data Protection

London Pioneer College is licenced to hold information on candidates, staff and other parties under the Data Protection Act. This includes names, addresses, telephone numbers and other details provided in the booking forms which also include copies of ID’s, assessment reports, exam results, copies of certificates and any other information relating to bookings, tests or relevant to LPC. These are securely stored on file manually and/or electronically and are usually kept for 5 years. LPC is obligated to keep these records to comply with Home Office and Awarding Body procedures and under certain circumstances and if requested will release some or all details of candidates to Home Office or Awarding Bodies to assist with investigations. Under no circumstances will LPC divulge or release candidates’ details to any third party organisation. LPC from time to time might contact candidates to inform them of important changes which might be beneficial to them via calls, text, emails or letters.

General Behaviour

London Pioneer College will ensure staff are friendly and polite when dealing with candidates or their representatives or any other parties and expect candidates and their representatives to be friendly and polite at all times.

Candidates and their representatives are also expected to be friendly and polite to other candidates, staff, examiners and any third parties whether they are involved with examinations or part of LPC whilst in or around LPC premises.

If for any reason candidates are not allowed to sit for the exams or errors are made then candidates are still expected to be reasonable and patient and deal with it appropriately, without aggression or violence. LPC will not tolerate violent or aggressive behaviour towards anyone. Candidates who behave in this manner will be asked to leave the premises whether they have done their exams or not.


Initial complaints against staff, candidates, examiners can be made verbally in person to a member of LPC staff and any issues will be tried to resolve promptly and quickly in person.

If issues cannot be resolved verbally / in person then a written complaint should be made to LPC which will be dealt with by the manager.

For further information on our complaints procedure please ask a member of LPC admin staff on 0208 594 0036.

Booking & Exams

If insufficient numbers book a certain exam on certain date then LPC has the right to cancel this exam and reschedule it at a later date. Candidates who booked this test will be rescheduled but not issued a refund.

Exams can be booked by candidates themselves or their spouses, friends, relatives or a representative but the terms and conditions will still be binding on the candidate if another person books the exams on their behalf.

Exams can only be confirmed if payment is made. If a booking is made without payment then it will only be a reservation and LPC will hold a space for a limited time only to receive payment. If no contact or payment is made then their reservation will be cancelled but the candidates will not notified and the space allocated to someone else. Spaces are limited and cannot be held indefinitely.

Payments can be made online, over the phone, bank transfers or by cash or card at our offices. Payment has to be made in advance after the booking form is completed.

Exam dates and times are published on our website. On rare occasions if an examiner falls ill and cannot conduct the exams or attend then LPC reserves the right to rebook the tests but will not issue a refund.

Candidate will be given their exam times prior to their exams and cannot guarantee a specific slot but will endeavour to provide a suitable time. ID checks and other admin processes including taking photo’s have to be completed prior to candidates’ exams therefore candidates might have to be at the centre for around 90 minutes if required but it is our intention to complete all processes as quickly as possible.

On occasions there are technical difficulties or exams might be running late so it is strongly advisable that candidates do not make any arrangements which will make them leave before they can sit the test. LPC will not take any responsibility and candidates will not be issued a refund. If they leave in their own accord they have to rebook and pay fees again.

For Trinity College London GESE exams:

B1 (GESE Grade 5) exams are approximately 10 minutes. Results are issued on the day at the end of exam session. Certificates usually take 5-6 weeks excluding bank holidays or public holidays) during holiday seasons due to uncertainty of post this can take longer.

All certificates are usually sent to LPC address. No certificates will be sent directly to candidates. Candidates must call and come to pick up their certificates from our offices at the times mentioned above.

Certificates can be posted only via special delivery at a cost only if candidates make a request. You must do so after the exam and make payment. Ask admin staff for the current postage charges.

Candidates must pick up their own certificates. If candidates cannot come to pick up their certificates they can nominate a person by informing us and the person must bring appropriate ID before the certificate is released.

LPC has the right to refuse to give certificates to any persons they believe is suspicious or does not have appropriate ID or turn up without prior notice.

Replacements certificates

LPC strongly advises candidates not to lose or misplace their certificates. If candidates do so there is a charge to request a certificate. Ask admin for cost: 0208 594 0036. Replacement certificates might take up to 6 weeks to be issued depending on the awarding body.

To make a request for a replacement certificate candidates must complete a request form providing personal details and of their exam session, date etc. Along with the payment. If exam details cannot be provided this will delay in obtaining the certificate.

If for any reason replacement certificates cannot be issued then candidates will be notified which will mean to book a new test and pay full fees.