No Deal Brexit – What will happen to EU Citizens living in London & UK

Boris Johnson has just become the Prime Minister and Priti Patel the new Home Secretary. So, what does this mean to EU Citizens currently living in London and UK? How can EU Citizens come to London / UK after the deadline? What will be the requirements and what will be their status?

The chances of a No Deal Brexit seems more likely since Boris Johnson has taken over as Prime Minister and despite several calls has not given any assurances that Britain will not leave EU without a Deal.

There are approximately 3 million EU Citizens living in London and UK and at the time of publishing around 1 million EU Citizens applied under the EU Settlement Scheme, which leaves a further 2 million or so people probably waiting to see what happens.

Some have decided that they will leave and others believe that UK will somehow remain in EU despite all the media reports.

I have spoken to Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian EU citizens living in Ilford and Barking and most of them do not believe the media reports and strongly feel that UK will remain in EU and all the news and reports are scaremongering for people to leave UK voluntarily, which they say has worked.

The latest policy (at the time of publishing this post) states that EU Citizens will still be able to enter UK free of charge for 3 months and stay. However, if anyone wishes to stay longer in London or UK for work or study purposes then they must pay and apply for a 3 year visa. Further details on fees and application requirements will be provided closer to the deadline by Home Office.

There are many EU Citizens and their families living all over London and UK. How exactly will everyone be affected nobody really knows. Despite the warnings from experts and businesses on the damages a No Deal Brexit will cause it seems that is the direction this new government is taking the UK according to most media reports.

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