British Citizenship (Under 18)

There are different rules for under 18’s to apply for Citizenship. Not everyone born in UK automatically becomes a British Citizen or can apply for Naturalisation.


First check to see if you can apply for anyone under 18 to be a British Citizen:


British citizenship otherwise than by descent:

A child born in the UK to parents one or both of whom are:

  • British citizens, or
  • are settled in the UK at the time the child is born, or
  • members of the UK armed forces

is automatically a British citizen otherwise than by descent and does not need to be registered.


Your parent has become a British citizen or settled since your birth

You can register to become a British citizen if you fulfil all of the criteria:

  • you were born in the UK on or after 1 January 1983
  • you’re under 18 when you apply
  • one of your parents has become a British citizen or settled in the UK since you were born


These are common routes but there are other routes, some more complicated than others. To get more information book a free 10 minute consultation. 0208 594 0036


The above information is correct at the time of publishing and for up to date information please check Home Office website or call us.