What is the A1 English Test?

A1 Test refers to the English Language Test which is a Home Office requirement if you are applying for the first spouse visa application or other initial applications. As the A1 English Test is for UK visa applications, you can do A1 Test with Trinity College London or IELTS in the UK. If you are overseas, you will only be able to complete any A1 test preparation or book your A1 test with IELTS, which is a comprehensive English language testing system managed by the British Council.

Who needs to do it?

Here at London pioneer College, based in Barking, East London, our specialist UK visa experts can book you in for a free 10 minute immigration consultation to find out which application is best to apply for and which test to do. We can also offer thorough training and A1 test preparation courses which will give you everything you need to excel during your test. The list below gives a general idea on who needs to do the A1 test:

• First spouse visa application (in most cases, the test for this visa will need to be done overseas or in your home country)
• First Parent of a Dependent Application
• First Tier 2 Sportsperson visa application
• Other applications (please call us to confirm on 0208 594 0036)

How is A1 Test conducted?

The Trinity College London GESE tests are on the Home Office approved list of English language tests. These tests are designed for people of all ages who wish to elevate their English language communicational skills, whether this is in the form of listening or verbal dialogue.

The GESE (Graded Examination in Spoken English) Grade 2, which is equivalent to the A1 English test, is only a 6 minute Speaking & Listening test conducted by a Trinity College London Examiner. The Home Office only require you to provide an A1 Speaking & Listening Test certificate.

How can London pioneer College prepare you?

London Pioneer College was originally a SELT test centre, preparing and conducting the Trinity College London Test at our Barking, East London location. With an incredibly high pass rate, we consistently gained feedback from Trinity Examiners on all candidate’s performances, and this created the basis for how we could improve our A1 test preparation courses.

We now provide A1 classes tailored to suit individuals needs and circumstances and will teach at a pace with which the candidate is comfortable. We have helped candidates prepare for the A1 English test in just a few days or sometimes even in weeks, but our main objective is to secure high-level pass rates for the A1 English test and get our candidates the results they deserve.

After the test, London Pioneer College can help you prepare and submit your application to the Home Office regardless of whether you are on the 5 or 10-year route. The main A1 English Language Test for UK Visa applications that we encounter tend to be extensions of the spouse visa or the parent visa, with which we have assisted thousands of applications.

Sample Tests

This is an old A1 test to give you a rough idea of what to expect:

Results & Certificates

Typically, candidates will receive their test results straight after they finish their A1 English test, and their certificates will be posted to their home address usually after 5 working days from the date the test was given. The above information is correct at the time of publishing and for up to date information please check the Home Office website or call us on 0208 594 0036.